Be Officially Prepared for Winter

If you are driving this winter and you don't have a bag of salt, sand, or litter in your vehicle, then you are not prepared. You need to keep a bag of either one or your vehicle to be officially ready. You never know when you will get stuck and will need to get some traction under your wheels.

Come see us here at Fred Beans Kia of Mechanicsburg so we can get your vehicle properly tuned up as well. Vehicle maintenance is very important.

Sand works very well and does not make a mess. It can be hard to find, but it doesn't have to be a specific sand. Play sand will even work. Litter will also do the job but be sure to get the kind that does not clump. It'll get somewhat messy (even the non-clumping variety). Salt also works but can cause your car to rust. Get a car wash.
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