Brake Fluid - Keep It Fresh

You’re driving along and suddenly you notice your brakes aren’t working as they should. You immediately think your brakes are bad and need to be replaced. You may be spending more than you need. You vehicle may just need to have the brake fluid replaced. The service techs working at Fred Beans Kia of Mechanicsburg will inspect your vehicle and only perform the service your vehicle needs.

Brake fluid is an inexpensive yet vital part of your vehicle’s brake system. Brake fluid flows to the brakes so that your vehicle slows down and stops. Over time, the brake fluid can become compromised by contaminants or moisture resulting in brake failure.

Your car may need new brakes or may just need fresh brake fluid. If your brakes appear to be acting up or it’s been awhile since the fluid’s been replaced, stop in at our Mechanicsburg service center, and we’ll take care of you.

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