Do the Smart Thing And Keep Your Gas Tank Filled During the Winter

Most of us may not know that a full gas tank is a happy gas tank. There is an unfounded rumor that states that you will get better gas mileage if you keep your tank low on gas. That is completely bogus, and you should actually keep your tank as full as possible, especially during the cold winter months.

The lower the amount of fuel in your tank, the more air there is. Air holds moisture, and if that moisture condenses and freezes, it can cause a real problem. The fuel line that goes from your tank to the engine has a tendency to have moisture build up on the inner surfaces. If this freezes, you will probably not be able to start your car on a cold morning.

This process can also lead to damage if the ice accumulates to a larger amount. This could mean an unwanted repair bill that you won't want. Just periodically add some gas on a regular basis and keep the tank at least half full.
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