Good Tire Pressure is Essential

Tire pressure is essential to safety and mileage. It also helps tires wear evenly to give you the longest possible useful life before replacement. The manufacturers provide some automatic assistance to keep track of tire pressure; the tire pressure monitor is a standard feature on modern vehicles.

While the tire pressure monitor may be convenient, it can fail to work properly. Further, the monitor may not detect low inflation when tires lose pressure gradually. Mechanicsburg-area drivers should notice changes such as poor steering, sluggish performance, and difficult handling. Poor tire inflation can cause these changes.

At Fred Beans Kia of Mechanicsburg, we take pride in providing excellent tire maintenance for our customers. We can check and repair the TPM system when needed. If your tire pressure light flickers and stays on, then you should call for an appointment to check the system. The TPM offers valuable protection against tire damage and tire failure, but only if it is in good working condition.
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