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Mechanicsburg’s 3 Top Travel Advisors

Finding the right hotel, planning your day-to-day schedule, and getting a good flight price all are on the table when planning a vacation. Our team at Fred Beans Kia of Mechanicsburg put together a quick resource of the best travel advisers in Mechanicsburg, PA! Get in touch for your next getaway!

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How to Test Your Car's Battery

Testing your car battery from time to time will reduce the chances of you needing to have the battery jumped when it goes dead.
  • Consider these tips when testing your car battery.
  • The battery contains dangerous acid, so always wear rubber gloves when doing any work on the car battery.
  • Be sure you are wearing safety goggles if doing anything with the car battery in the event sparks or fluid hit your face.
  • Always remove the negative terminal cable first, then cast it to the side. Once removed, it kills the power to the car and will reduce the chances…
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Good Tire Pressure is Essential

Tire pressure is essential to safety and mileage. It also helps tires wear evenly to give you the longest possible useful life before replacement. The manufacturers provide some automatic assistance to keep track of tire pressure; the tire pressure monitor is a standard feature on modern vehicles.

While the tire pressure monitor may be convenient, it can fail to work properly. Further, the monitor may not detect low inflation when tires lose pressure gradually. Mechanicsburg-area drivers should notice changes such as poor steering, sluggish performance, and difficult handling...
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An Alternator’s Power Source Has a Major Impact on the Electrical System

The alternator is a critical component of the electrical system. The role that it has in keeping your vehicle operating effectively is indispensable.

A malfunctioning alternator will cause a breakdown in the recharging system that the battery relies on as well as stop the continuity of electrical energy to flow throughout the vehicle. The continuity of energy is required to keep internal and external electrical accessories continuing to operate. The constant rotation of elements within the alternator generates a power source throughout the entire electrical system similar to a...
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Brake Fluid - Keep It Fresh

You’re driving along and suddenly you notice your brakes aren’t working as they should. You immediately think your brakes are bad and need to be replaced. You may be spending more than you need. You vehicle may just need to have the brake fluid replaced. The service techs working at Fred Beans Kia of Mechanicsburg will inspect your vehicle and only perform the service your vehicle needs.

Brake fluid is an inexpensive yet vital part of your vehicle’s brake system. Brake fluid flows to the brakes so that your vehicle slows down and stops...

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Do the Smart Thing And Keep Your Gas Tank Filled During the Winter

Most of us may not know that a full gas tank is a happy gas tank. There is an unfounded rumor that states that you will get better gas mileage if you keep your tank low on gas. That is completely bogus, and you should actually keep your tank as full as possible, especially during the cold winter months.

The lower the amount of fuel in your tank, the more air there is. Air holds moisture, and if that moisture condenses and freezes, it can cause a real problem. The fuel line that goes from your tank to the engine…
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AWD vs 4WD: Innovation meets excellence

Throughout the years, innovations in automobile technology have allowed drivers to reap the rewards from brilliant engineers. Two of the most helpful innovations that are now implemented in many vehicles is that of all-wheel drive and four-wheel drive technology.

For crossovers, passenger cars, and certain SUVs all-wheel drive technology allows drivers to have a smoother more reliable ride regardless of road conditions due to all four wheels being powered by the vehicle. Four-wheel drive technology allows truck and many SUV owners the ability to turn on...
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